Prof. Emily Ruth Ellis

Prof. of History at Brown, specializing in local history.


Attributes Agility: d8 Strength: d8 Vitality: 8 Alertness: 8 Intelligence: 16 Willpower: d8

Assets Higher Education: d6 Natural Linguist: d6 English, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit Photographic Memory: d8 Uncommon Knowledge: d6 R.I. History/Lore Wealthy: d8 Contacts: d4

Complications Dark Secret: d8 Duty: d4 Fragile: d8 Slave to Tradition: d4 Addiction: d6

Skills Knowledge: d6 -History d10 -Reliigion d8 Lore d8 -Cryptozoology: d8 -Demons: d8 -Ghosts: d8 -Mythology: d8 -Symbols: d8


Professor Ellis’s office is a small windowless

Prof. Emily Ruth Ellis

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